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Frequently asked questions

for roofing FAQ’s please visit this page

Q: Should contractors be licensed, insured, registered, and do I need a building permit to re-roof my house?

A: Absolutely, they should meet all state and local requirements. Confirm whether or not they will be sub-contracting the job or using thier own employees to do the work. A building permit is necessary to replace a roof,  the licensed contractor should provide it to yopu from your local town hall. You should also recieve an insurance certificate from your contractor. If the the contractor asks you to get the building permit, (you can if you want), You will be assuming all responsibility for your job. Avoid contractors who require you to get all necessary permits for you.

Q: Should I get a guarantee on workmanshipand materials used?

A: Yes! All licensed contractors should have the willingness to stand behind their work. A qualified roofer will warrant his workmanship in addition to the manufacturers written warranty. Most shingles are guaranteed between 20 – 50 years.

Q: Should I get a writted estimate / contract?

A: Yes! Make sure all work is explained in the contract, including clean up , waste disposal and start  / completition dates, specific types of materials to be used. Beware of contractors who use high pressure sales tactics or require a full up front payment. Also, any verbal agreements that were made should be put on paper and included in the contract.

Q: Can my roof be repaired?

A: To determine if a roof can be repaired it is best to do an inside (attic) and outside roof inspection. Ceiling stains, peeling paint, missing shingles etc. is what will be needed to take into consideration. The age of the exsisting roof also will play a role. Usually the south side (sunny side) of the roof is more worn than the other sides. You can sometimes replace only separate parts or sides of your roof at a time and do other sections in the future when your budget allows. If the roof is well within its life span, chances are good you can simply repair the problem areas.

Q: Should I have my roof stripped vs. laying shingles over the old roof?

A: There are a couple advantages to stripping your current roof. Though it may cost mre to strip a roof it allows the roofer to inspect for any rotted wood or if there are any roof areas that need new flashing. Self adhesive ice and water barrier can also be instaolled at the eaves for ice dam protection. Most contractors and manufacturers will not guarantee their work when laying over a roof. The life of your new roof when doing a roof layover can be cut by 20% or more when laying on top of your old roof.

Q: How do I finance a new roof or major repairs?

A: When it comes time to replace the worn out roofing shingles on your home you should look into the various ways on how to finance a new roof. One way to finance a new roof is with a home equity loan or line of credit. If you have good credit and enough equity in your home, contact your bank or credit union about other financing options. The FHA 203K Streamline Program allows homeowners to borrow up to $35000.00 from the Federal Government to make home repairs including roof replacement. The money borrowed is rolled into your current mortgage. For more information visit the U.S. Depaertment of Housing and Urban Development website. Remember most complete re-roofs range in cost from $2000.00 – $12000.00 depending on the size of the roof and scope of project.


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